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Hours: Mon-Fri
5:30am - 6:00pm



Infant / Waddler Program
$56.00/day with a minimal of 2 days a week

Toddler Program
$54.00/day with a minimal of 2 days a week

Nursery School Program
$52.00/day with a minimal of 2 days a week

Preschool Program
$52.00/day with a minimal of 2 days a week

School Age Program

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For Our Parents


This area is where our parents will find any forms or resources that you may need while your child or children are enrolled at Little Lambs. You can check out our virtual tour, see upcoming events, and send a message to your child's teacher.  Feel free to download and print any of the forms found here.  If there is a form or a file that would be beneficial for you as a parent, please feel free to give us a suggestion by clicking here.

Quick Links for Parents

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If your child is currently enrolled in Little Lambs or if you have a question for us, you can use this section to send an email to the staff at Little Lambs...
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