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(716) 625-6260
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Hours: Mon-Fri
5:30am - 6:00pm



Infant / Waddler Program
$56.00/day with a minimal of 2 days a week

Toddler Program
$54.00/day with a minimal of 2 days a week

Nursery School Program
$52.00/day with a minimal of 2 days a week

Preschool Program
$52.00/day with a minimal of 2 days a week

School Age Program

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Little Lambs Child Care Center is a ministry of Victory Christian Church. 
For more information, please visit or call the church office at (716) 625-9300

Home_Page_Photo.JPGOur Philosophy
Each child is a unique and precious creation of God. They have individual likes, dislikes, ideas, experiences, and needs. The purpose of Little Lambs Child Care Center is to cooperate with each family to provide a supportive and comfortable atmosphere where each child can develop at his or her own pace. It is our responsibility to meet each child's needs while he or she is away from home by allowing both structured and unstructured play as well as individual and group activities. We want to offer every child a positive Christian environment in which he or she can become confident in their own special abilities and share those talents with others.

 Our Parents Say...

"Little Lambs provides loving, caring people to watch over my daughter. The staff are wonderful with calming my fears and putting me at ease. The staff have always been very pleasant and always have a smiles on their faces. There are even days when I arrive to pick up my daughter that she doesn't want to leave as she is having loads of fun."

~ From a parent in the Toddler Program

"We have been impressed not only with the daily lessons and structure that Little Lambs provides, but also the professional staff that is dedicated to making every day a good one. We have found someplace that gives us as working parents' piece of mind that our child is being loved and cared for in a warm and safe environment"

~ From a parent in the Nursery School program

 "I want to stay at Little Lambs FOREVER!"

~ From one of our students


If you have been a part of the Little Lambs Family, we would love to hear from you too!
Please share with us your thoughts or experiences about Little Lambs!


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